Sustainability Consultant and Researcher

Nadine Rose is a consultant and researcher.  Her most recent work is in the field of social sustainability with a particular focus on women working at the bottom global supply chains in Africa. 

She has over twenty years of working in business and social responsibility having led a CSR programme with corporate partners in the Middle East.

Recently Nadine has had her own business sourcing textiles and ceramics from women in Nepal, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Ethiopia and Turkey.

She has worked with street children in Mexico and Ethiopia.

Nadine has lived in France, Iran, Belgium, New Zealand, Oman and the UAE as well as the UK.

Social Sustainability

Nadine has a Masters in International Security (gained with distinction in 2020) focusing on contemporary security issues linking to poverty, inequality, development, climate, vulnerability, risk and migration.  Her dissertation examined whether business can help to minimise human insecurity through researching a leading international company working with women farmers at the bottom of the supply chain in Kenya.  Her findings led her to recommend a Prosperity Model incorporating the Human Security framework of protection, resilience and empowerment based on the Kenyan women’s lived experience of working for a global business.

In October 2021 she will start a PhD exploring what the ‘social’ means in ESG and sustainability hoping to find what business can do to maximise human security in global supply chains, particularly for those working at the bottom who are harder to trace, and how business can add value to their lives.

Social Responsibility

In 2000 Nadine graduated with a degree in Business and Development, her thesis was titled CSR Myth or Reality and explored how CSR was recognised at all levels within BP, Shell and BT. Since that time she has led a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme as Associate for the International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF) in Abu Dhabi working with corporate partners including BP, British Airways, Ernst and Young and HSBC amongst others.

Nadine founded her own company 15 years ago working with women in developing countries through providing a platform for them to sell their products to an international market. Nadine liaised with suppliers and manufacturers globally in countries such as Nepal, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Ethiopia and Turkey. In 2015 she was nominated for a NatWest Women’s Award.


Since 2002 Nadine and her family have supported a family of four sisters orphaned at a young age in Ethiopia. Over the years these girls have worked tirelessly towards their goals and are now a pharmacist, an accountant, a radiologist and an engineer. Two sisters live in Nashville, US with their children and two remain in Addis Ababa. Along with raising her own three daughters this is what makes Nadine proudest.

Over decades she has worked with street children in Mexico and Ethiopia and taught English as a Foreign Language to refugees internationally.  In 2010 Nadine volunteered for Outward Bound Oman on a Connecting Cultures Programme (UNESCO recognised) and in 2019 helped to raise sponsorship for the David Nott Foundation. Nadine is currently a fundraiser for Tepapa Museum, Wellington, New Zealand.

Nadine is a Director of Romney Tweed CIC and a fellow of the RGS.