23rd January 2023

Investor Visits to Kenya

With partners I am testing proof of concept on an Investor Learning Programme in Kenya in March 2023.  Through multiple conversations with investors and others in the finance industry there is a need to close the gap in understanding of what the ‘S’ocial means in ESG based on the outline below:

It is predicted ESG investments will reach over $50 trillion by 2025. There is now a clear and expansive business case for creating solutions to address social issues*.

We have developed a unique opportunity to spend a week learning about ESG through a well-organised ESG learning programme in Kenya.

Investors are expected to have increased knowledge of the geopolitical environment.

Visiting 5 diverse projects including agriculture and mining will help them to gain a deeper understanding of ESG and sustainable best business practices.

By experiencing ESG in practice this programme will help investors to learn how to ask the right questions and share their learning with others.